About The Artist 


I was born in Ireland and moved to England when I was two years old. I grew up in Sussex and developed a passion for art whilst I was at school. After leaving school I trained in a vocational career as a teacher in Holistic and Beauty Therapies. I have no formal training in art  and art became a passion for me that emerged from a life changing experience in 2011. I  began to teach myself to paint. My inspiration comes from painting people demonstrating movement, dance and music. I mainly work in oils and my use of colour is bright and vibrant, I use a lot of reds, blues and oranges to create large brush strokes, then moving into detail and i tend to work on large canvases.


I am inspired by impressionism and fauvism, and my main subjects are the female form, although i have recently started to paint landscapes.

 My recent work is using bright colour's  to paint the local landscapes on large canvases.

My galleries have a range of subjects and I adapt my style to create an image that is personal to clients and by listening to what they want. Whether its a portrait of a loved one, a pet or a favourite place i can use a variety of different mediums to create the desired result.